MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

A young woman, Rebecca.  Takes us on a tour to meet other young people.  Each of them are 'achievers' in their own way.  Yet they have all struggled with depression.  Or learning difficulties.  Or abuse.  Or domestic issues.  Yes, that includes the effervescent, bright, engaging Rebecca.  This film shows how the organisation Norwood has helped these brave youngsters become role models for all generations.

Special thanks to the incredible band Fun. for allowing us to use and re-record their seminal track 'We are Young'.  That's right, it really is Rebecca handling the vocals!

Writer& Director: Malcolm Green
Camera and editor:  Tom Baker
Sound Timo Salia
DIT & camera guru:  Anthony Costa
Music:  Kevin Pollard
Vocals:  Rebecca Lane

Producer:  Sara Huxell @ Mini Productions
Exec Producer:  Marc Cave

Post-Production: Grade: Unit

Production Company:  Green Cave People