MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

Three million women mean business.  The first of three films for ITC and UPS, made to promote a global UN initiative to bring three million more women around the world into the entrepreneurial marketplace.  Shot in Vietnam and Mexico, we explore the lives of three very different women and how SheTrades is impacting their worlds.

Written and Directed by Malcolm Green
Track '3 million women' - Vocal by Mellisa Moore.  Words by Malcolm Green.  Music by Kevin Pollard
Editor - Flaura Atkinson
Camera - Hamish Anderson
Colourist - Thomas Mangham @The Mill

Sound Mix - Michalis Anthis @BigBuoy

'THREE MILLION IN A BOX' sculpture by Gary Betts

Producer - Regina Barona
Exec Producer - Cal Gordon @Creep
Research - Jack Green

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