MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

When Sandra, a young Cuban woman, decided to set up a Wtchcraft Soaps, who did she go to for advice?
Grandma, of course.

In this film, Sandra takes us on a witching journey around Havana, and shows us how the city and her people are transforming... and not just by magic.

The Team:

Written and Directed by Malcolm Green
Edited by Iain Wainwright (additional editing by Tom Baker)
Cinematography: Daniel Trapp
Additional cinematography: Tom Baker
Music: Kevin Pollard
Vocalist:  Bryde
Colourist: Oisin at The Mill
Sound: Timo and Envy
Online:  Platform Post
Additional Production: M2 Entertainment
Producer: Stephen Plesniak
Exec Producer: Simon Maniera
Producer for M2: Lotte Kronborg
Asst Producer: Jessie Ayles
DIT: Antony Diaz
Camera HOD: Julia Green
Maersk Representative: Anders Rosendahl/Jon Black Andersson

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