MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

Claire and Emma Lukaitis are two Alaskan sisters with a unique life. They are fisherman, braving the elements to catch wild salmon spending weeks on end aboard their family trawler. And they are also digital entrepreneurs, owning their own online fashion and lifestyle brand, using the social media to share their vision of Alaskan life with young people across the world. Trade enables the sisters to live and thrive in an isolated community, whilst still remaining connected to the outside world. Maersk, with their passion for the positive, human impact that Trade brings to human beings across the planet, are one of the companies that help Claire and Emma 'swim wild against the tide...'

The music for this film is an original composed score, and the song 'Sisters' was written by Sarah Howells, Kevin Pollard and Malcolm Green.  It is performed (along with all other vocals in the film) by the incredible Bryde.

Written and Directed by Malcolm Green

Edited by Iain Wainwright (additional editing by Tom Baker)
Cinematography: Daniel Trapp
Additional cinematography: Tom Baker
Music: Kevin Pollard
Vocalist:  Bryde
Colourist: Oisin at The Mill
Sound: Timo and Envy
Online:  Platform Post
Additional Production: M2 Entertainment
Producer: Stephen Plesniak
Exec Producer: Simon Maniera
Producer for M2: Lotte Kronborg
Asst Producer: Jessie Ayles
DIT: Antony Diaz
Camera HOD: Julia Green
Maersk Representative: Anders Rosendahl/Jon Black Andersson

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