MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

Living in Ghana, Sefa Gohoho has never met Alaskan sisters Emma and Claire Lukaitis. But a bond connects them. A bond of sisterhood. Overcoming the elements, both natural and psychological, each of them strives to their lives with purpose. For Sefa, it's to bring the love and beauty of flowers to the world, whilst standing up for and improving the lives of the wives of Africa. For Emma and Claire, it's to bring the authentic flavours of caught salmon to as many plates as possible. At the same time, they endeavour to sustain their remote Alaskan lifestyle, sharing it's natural beauty and grounded philosophy with the outside world. Neither woman is a stranger t hard work, long hours and tough conditions. And all of them are guided by mystical stars that lead them to help humanity find a better way of life.
Written and directed by Malcolm Green
Music by Kevin Pollard and Garry Bell
Song 'sisters' by Malcolm Green, Kevin Pollard. Performed by Bryde