MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

Sefa is a successful Ghanaian businesswoman who discovered that there is life beyond the city, and decided to explore 'the deep dark jungle'. That's where she set up Eden n Eve, a flower farm, run entirely by women for women, created to improve female quality of life throughout Africa. Trade is core to her business and brings hope to a remote part of the continent. Maersk, who believe that Trade is as much about 'good' as 'goods' are part of the reason that Sefa is able to offer the women of her community real cause for optimism. Sefa's life has not been without challenge or tragedy. But her indefatigable smile continually brings light to the world.

Written and Directed by Malcolm Green

Edited by Iain Wainwright (additional editing by Tom Baker)
Cinematography: Daniel Trapp
Additional cinematography: Tom Baker
Music: Kevin Pollard
Vocalist:  Bryde
Colourist: Oisin at The Mill
Sound: Timo and Envy
Online:  Platform Post
Additional Production: M2 Entertainment
Producer: Stephen Plesniak
Exec Producer: Simon Maniera
Producer for M2: Lotte Kronborg
Asst Producer: Jessie Ayles
DIT: Antony Diaz
Camera HOD: Julia Green
Maersk Representative: Anders Rosendahl/Jon Black Andersson

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