MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

A film for the children's charity Norwood.  Norwood asked us to make a fundraising video that would demonstrate the breadth and scale of the services they offer.  As an organisation that is over 200 years old, they also wanted the film to feel contemporary and 'different.  And, of course, to create impact.  Oh yeah, and to raise a hell of a lot of money please.  The theme of the film was 'Personal Best' and it was shot on a shoestring budget over five days, my small team and I travelled quickly between services and service-users.  We met a cast who were both funny  (I will never forget Ben and Alex 'in concert'), and touching.  Marc Lebe, Rebecca Lane and so many others.  The film ends with an original track, specially written and composed for Norwood, performed by the astonishing artist Bryde.  

For me, this wasn't just a film, it was an experience and an education.  Not just about Norwood, but also about human kindness and generosity.  For Norwood, the film helped to raise an astonishing £4 million in one screening.   That makes it one of the most successful  UK 'charity' films ever.   Additionally, we created a series of 'short cuts' for social media that helped change perceptions and raise even more funds.

The film itself is filled with rich characters that each have their own unique identity, so we sought to convey their energy and enthusiasm through keeping the edit and soundtrack punchy and surprising.

In the film,  we learn about people like Liam, who was non-verbal his whole life and is now a bingo caller, or Rebecca, who as a young girl was looking after her two siblings with special needs and was then forced to leave home at 14. With the support of Norwood, Rebecca was able to realise her dream of going to university and she is now completing her masters degree in Chemistry.

Although led by narrative, we made the film non-verbal in part as well - text and sound play a big role. 

Finally, an emotive track written by director Malcolm Green and composer Kevin Pollard - sung exquisitely by the artist Bryde, literally moved the live audience to tears.

The Team:

Writer& Director and additional camera: Malcolm Green
Camera and editor:  Tom Baker
Sound Timo Salia
DIT & camera guru:  Anthony Costa
Music:  Kevin Pollard  

Song 'Me at My Best' written by Malcolm Green & Kevin Pollard and performed by  Bryde

Producer:  Tara Scammel
Exec Producer:  Marc Cave

Grade:  Oisin Driscol at The Mill
Sound mix: Dave Williams @ Envy

Production Company:  Green Cave People