MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

This is one of nine new films and videos created to promote a new initiative from the UK Charity Norwood, designed to raise awareness of the issues and dangers prevalent amongst a younger generation unable to deal with the effects of Social Media.  Unlike a conventional ad campaign, we decided to adopt a 'pop cultural' approach and 'drop' twelve videos across one day, each dealing with a different aspect of how Norwood are there for those who reach out to seek help from Social Media saturation. All films were primarily created vertically for mobile screens.  Immediately, the campaign has caught the attention of the media, including the BBC..  Whilst I believe that Social channels such as Facebook can offer a sense of belonging to those who might otherwise feel disconnected, there is no doubt that we all need to work together to ensure the safety and support of vulnerable young people.

You can watch all the videos here