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Launched to mark International Wmon's Day, this film receives it's  first major screening in Geneva, to spearhead a global initiative called #SheTrades, an ambitious programme to get 1 million new female entrepreneurs to market by 2020.   The Geneva screening was followed by a broadcast panel discussion which  included Sefa Gohoho, one of the stars of the film.  Aside from the main film, which was sponsored by Maersk for ITC, I also wrote and directed two further films about each of the cast members.   Sefa is an online entrepreneur who decided that the future for the women of Africa was in the creation of new flower farms.  Claire and Emma are two young female fishermen in Alaska, who also own their own lifestyle and fashion brand, Salmon Sisters.  Each of them provide a powerful voice for the shared ambitions of a new generation of women, all across the world.  

The music for this film is an original score by Kevin Pollard (with an additional theme by Garry Bell).  The song 'Sisters' was written by Kevin, Sarah Howells and Malcolm Green.  The astounding vocal is by Sarah, recording as Bryde

The Team:

Written and Directed by Malcolm Green
Edited by Iain Wainwright (additional editing by Tom Baker)
Cinematography: Daniel Trapp
Additional cinematography: Tom Baker
Music: Kevin Pollard
Vocalist:  Bryde
Colourist: Oisin at The Mill
Sound: Timo and Envy
Online:  Platform Post
Additional Production: M2 Entertainment
Producer: Stephen Plesniak
Exec Producer: Simon Maniera
Producer for M2: Lotte Kronborg
Asst Producer: Jessie Ayles
DIT: Antony Diaz
Camera HOD: Julia Green
Maersk Representative: Anders Rosendahl/Jon Black Andersson

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