MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

The films I wish I never made.

Or rather, the films I wish I’d never had to make. However, in the UK today,  anti-Jewish racism is making itself felt with a vengeance.

And whilst there is a lot of handwringing and tut-tutting going on, there is very little action to send this ancient trope-led hatred back to the fringes and beyond. 

That’s why I was invited to make this film. Written, shot and finished in under a week, I was so proud to work with a 'cast' of young contributors - Jewish, Muslim, Black British, Christian, Hindu, atheist and everything between. They inspired me with their passion and their balls.

To those who gave their time, producing, editing, posting, sharing and 'doing, doing, doing instead of talking, talking, talking....

Thank you.

Written & Directed by Malcolm Green
Producer - Sara Huxley (courtesy of Mini Productions)
Editor- Samantha Neal
Music - Kevin Pollard
Sound - Timo Salia