MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

Malcolm Green conceives, writes and directs edgy, tender, heartbreaking, heartwarming, manic, gentle, beautiful, authentic, musical, visual, modern, human, surprising, empowering, insightful, inspirational, disruptive, different, crafted, anarchic, powerful, emotional, anthemic, soulful, original, tearjerking, funny, thought-provoking, challenging, rule-breaking, impactful, award-winning, effective films, commercials, videos and content for brands, social causes and charities that have human stories at their heart. And he does it with passion, dedication and love.

Following a successful career in Advertising, where he wrote, directed and/or creative directed over 1000 award-winning commercials, Malcolm Green left his own Top 10 agency to concentrate on bringing meaningful, visually arresting and sonically intricate brand and non-brand stories to screens of all shapes and sizes. A passionate creator in the digital and mobile space, Malcolm helps transform briefs into movements that galvanise, energise, and inspire audiences large and small in the most exciting ways possible.. As a mentor, he works with diverse young teams and crews, encouraging them to push further and higher creatively than they may have thought possible. A curious ‘early adopter’, Malcolm is an advocate for using new and innovative technology to discover alternate ways of creating meaningful content for today’s audiences. An activist for Good, Malcolm seeks to find Purpose within every project. Always seeking to make an impact. And a difference.

As well as picking up Marketing, comms and content awards worldwide, Malcolm’s recent campaign of films, branded docs, Social Media films and TVC’s for shipping giant Maersk won a record-breaking Eight Gold Category Awards at the Cannes Dolphins, plus overall Best Film, Best Director and the coveted Grand Prix.

Aside from commercials, Malcolm has written and directed a number of short films, ‘including Pearls’ - winner of the Fuji and Soho Shorts Awards,  ‘Edek’, which has won prizes at the following BAFTA and Oscar recognised festivals and his latest thirty-minute award-winning documentary, Finding Abraham.

  • San Diego International Film Festival;
  • Global Shorts Festival;
  • JellyFest; Dumbo Film Fest;
  • Oslo Independent Film Festival;;
  • Moscow Film Festival;
  • Flickerfest International Film Festival;
  • Canada Shorts Festival;
  • Best Shorts Competition;
  • Gold Movie Awards;
  • Norwich Film Festival;
  • British Documentary Film Festival;
  • International Film Festival;
  • Miami Independent Film Festival;
  • Atlanta Docufest;
  • Audience Awards International Documentary Festival;
  • WOFF Festival;
  • Docs Without Borders Festival;
  • Leeds International Film Festival;
  • Warsaw Jewish Film Festival;
  • UKJFF; Toronto JFF Festival;
  • Aesthetica;
  • San Francisco JFF;

Not so much a filmmaker. More a change maker. And never standing still for a moment.

'Malcolm, your work for us has been truly astonishing...'

Jon Black Andersen; Head of Corporate Communications, Branding and Marcom. Maersk