MALCOLM GREEN MALCOLM GREEN filmmaker - creative director - writer

These descriptions are so hard when it comes to writing about Malcolm Green.  Once he was one thing, now another.  And at the same time, something else.  Whatever it is, he tries to make a difference.  And an impact.  Always unconventional and challenging.  In short... he conceives, writes and directs edgy, tender, heartbreaking, heartwarming, manic, gentle, beautiful, authentic, musical, visual, modern, human, surprising, empowering, insightful, inspirational, disruptive, different, crafted, anarchic, powerful, emotional, anthemic, soulful, original, tearjerking, funny, thought-provoking, challenging, rule-breaking, impactful, award-winning, effective films, commercials, videos and content for brands, social causes and charities that have human stories at their heart.  And he does it with passion, dedication and love. 

Following a successful career in Advertising, where he wrote, directed and/or creative directed over 1000 commercials, Malcolm Green left his own Top 10 agency to concentrate on bringing powerful brand and non-brand stories and messages to screens of all shapes and sizes.  A passionate creator in the digital and mobile space, Malcolm helps to transform briefs into movements that galvanise, energise, and move audiences large and small in the most exciting ways possible..  As a mentor, he works with diverse young teams and crews, encouraging them to push further and higher creatively than they may have thought possible, in the quest to exceed their own personal potential.  A committed hard-worker, Malcolm is an advocate for using technology to discover new and alternate ways of creating meaningful content for today.  An activist for Good, Malcolm seeks to find Purpose within every project.

Not so much a filmmaker.  More a change maker.  And never standing still for a moment.

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'Malcolm, your work for us has been truly astonishing...'    

Jon Black Andersen; Head of Corporate Communications, Branding and Marcom.  Maersk                                                                                                                              

Malcolm is also co-founder of the Videoactivistcollective Green Cave People.